Reviewing the Playmobil 5182 – Police Station with Alarm System

This is one of the first Playmobil sets that I laid my hands on and I must say I was very impressed! It checks off on all the points of being a great toy brand. The pieces are undoubtedly of superior quality. They do not have sharp edges. Even the screwdriver has a rounded edge so it is safe for kids. Playmobil has a custom tool like a screwdriver that is used to work with custom made screws.
The box when opened was very organized and had easy to follow instructions. It also included few sticker activities. Building this set was quite fun and the final structure was very stable and sturdy.
This Police station toy set has a reception area, an interrogation room and a lockable jail cell. The set includes a height measuring chart, files of convicted and wanted criminals, weapons and hand cuffs. This police play set will lead to hours of pretend play and group play. The details of the play set are noteworthy especially the security system in and around the Police Station.
The set comes with 3 Playmobil Police figures and 1 Criminal. The jail cell has a sliding gate and it is lockable. It includes a bed for the prisoner and also an escape floor for the prisoner to escape. The best part is when an automatic alarm goes on when the prisoner tries to escape from his cell.
Toy Gifted by: Yellow Giraffe | Shop Toys Online

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