Review of the Ravensburger 3D London Tower Bridge

This is an actual 3D jigsaw puzzle! The toy comes with 216 puzzle pieces and an easy to follow instruction manual. The 216 pieces join together to bring before you the famous London Tower Bridge. The pieces are made of high quality plastic. Kids find this puzzle a great novelty as the pieces are hinged and clip together easily to form a 3D structure. An additional point is that the pieces are numbered on the backside to help kids locate the right piece. The puzzle will take around one hour to complete but it will leave you with a satisfying sense of achievement.

Lastly, the detailing of the puzzle is simply awesome and the complete 3D structure can be left as a showpiece to admire.

While, there are many learning implications to solving puzzles. To my mind, puzzles best help to develop a child’s memory and cognitive skills. This toy can also be a great way to foster team work among kids. Build it together with friends, parents or even grandparents.

For a Tip: Challenge your friend to see who can build the structure in lesser time.

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