Playdoh Surprise Eggs For Boys | Kinder Joy

Don’t you love surprise eggs? I love them so much. Kinder joy comes up with these surprise egg concept. This is a fun and leads to so much excitement. Not only kids but also adults are a great fan of these Kinder eggs. Who doesn’t like more surprises. So to add more joy to it, we thought of using playdoh with our very own kinder surprise eggs. Kinder eggs and playdough, isn’t it a nice combination?

Let’s see what happened when we covered kinder joys with playdough. One of our team members did the job of covering these kinder eggs and the other one was given to unbox it. There were four kinder joys- two girls and boys. Girls’ Kinder joy was covered in the previous video. Here is the link of the video. Let’s see what came out from the boys surprise kinder joy egg.

The excitement unboxing the eggs is to another level. The kinder egg is divided into two parts. First part contains the chocolate and the second one has a surprise toy, which everyone waits for. The first surprise toy had a spinning wheel and some cards to go along with it.

The second kinder joy egg was unboxed with being covered with lots of play-doh on it. The first part as usual had the yummy chocolate and the other half of the kinder surprise egg had 3d dimensional glasses for the kids. After wearing these glasses one can see the cars coming in motion. We had lot of fun unboxing the boys’ kinder joy surprise eggs. Kinder joys and more surprises are coming in the next video. If you like kinder joy toys, let us know your favorite one that you have received till now. Till then have fun eating the yummy chocolate.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this video should be construed as a recommendation to buy. For details on usage of the toy, please refer to information provided by the manufacturer

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