Play Doh Christmas Tree | How To Make Playdough Christmas Tree With Play-Doh

How about making your very own artificial Christmas tree with Playdoh?

A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine or fir as associated with Christmas. Christmas trees were traditionally decorated with nuts, apples and other food stuff. The custom of the Christmas tree began in early modern Germany. The Christmas tree has been known as the “Yule tree”, especially in discussions during the folkloristic origins.
As Christmas is around the corner, so we thought of making a Christmas tree with playdough with lots of Christmas decorations. Annutara, 5 yr old decided to make a lovely at the same time, a simple Christmas tree with play-doh. In order to make an artificial Christmas trees with playdoh, you would need green playdoh. Roll it and make it flat and make triangles out of them. Once done, place them as shown in the video. To make the stem of the tree, use brown playdoh (we mixed red and green color); cut it as shown in the video.

The base of your Christmas tree is ready. All you need to do is decorate your Christmas tree. Annutara decided to do it with the help of playdoh and designing scale. One can make stars, butterfly, and balls. It is all at your creativity. Once the decoration stuff is made, you just need to put them at the appropriate places. And your decorated Christmas tree is ready and you are done with Christmas décor.

Try out this simple and full of fun activity of making a Christmas tree this Christmas. You can play with the decorations as per your choice. You just need playdoh and your imagination, rest all is done. Do let us know how it came out. If you have another way of making a Christmas tree with play-doh, share your method as well.

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