Play Doh Christmas Tree | How To Make Playdough Christmas Tree With Play-Doh

How about making Hello Kitty donut with Playdoh?

Hello Kitty fictional character was produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. It was created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. The character came out first as an anthropomorphic white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. This kitty is a staple of the Kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. Hello Kitty’s full name is Hello White, born in the suburbs of London on November 1. Hello Kitty’s market is also the main market at the two Japanese Sanrio theme parks, Harmonyland and the indoor Sanrio Puroland.

We at Toy Tasting decided to make Hello Kitty donuts with playdoh. These donuts can be made up of different colors. We decided to make it from blue and orange colored playdough. First, the play-doh needs to be shaped like a hello kitty character. Ears should be tapered, giving it the exact look as Hello Kitty character is. Then roll out a blue colored playdoh sheet and flattened it.

It would be used as the covering on the donut. Cover the rolled out sheet onto the donut and cut the extras. The bow on Hello Kitty character is the coolest thing; make it the way shown in the video. In order to give it the proper shape of the donut, pass a pencil into the donut and you will see how perfect it looks.

Once done, decorate it with sprinkles with playdoh as shown in the video. One can decorate it with different other ways as per their creativity.

Try out Playdoh Hello Kitty at home and let us know how it turned out. Decorate it with different elements and give it a different look altogether. Play-doh can be used in so many ways and is a perfect way to enhance imagination and creativity.

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