LEGO – Man of Steel Play Sets Revealed!

Are you a Superman fan? We totally are. We can’t hold the excitement for the June 14th, 2013 release of Man of Steel. Till then LEGO has decided to introduce all the Superman fans to their ‘Man of Steel’ sets based on the movie.

What is Man of Steel?

Man of Steel is an upcoming superhero movie based on the famous comic character Superman. It is a beautiful story of Clark Kent, a young journalist in his twenties. In his childhood, he was transported to earth from the dying planet of krypton. Clark was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. He feels alienated because of his exceptional super abilities. He uses his powers to save the world in difficult times and becomes a hero named ‘Superman’.
On 30th January, 2013 LEGO announced their first ‘Man of Steel’ Set. Voila!

The first set!

The Lego 76002 Superman: Metropolis Showdown – The playset includes a yellow vehicle, an antenna tower and 2 minifigures of General Zod and Superman. Lego says that this is the smallest set for the theme. These sets inspire memorable scenes from the movie for kids to enjoy super hero role play.

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