Hot Wheels Toys | Spinshotz – Big Air Target Takedown Toy Review

Watch the Spinshotz hit the target! Hot Wheels Spinshotz Big Air Target Takedown toy set has combined their track set with hyper speed discs (spinning tops). The toy set is easy to put together and is recommended for kids of age 5 years and above.

The toy set comes with one Spinshotz disc, one launcher and two hanging bulls-eye targets. Spin and launch the disc into the trackset. See it bounce off with the help of a rubber band onto the bulls-eye target.
The aim on the target is determined by the speed of the disc launched and the speed depends on the number of times you wind it on the launcher. Perfect the number of turns before you challenge your friends.

TIP: The Spinshotz discs have magnets on their tips which enables you to stack them up while they spin, just like Beyblades!

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