Review of the Fisher Price Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll

Fisher Price Little Mommy Bedtime Baby Doll

The Fisher Price Little Mommy Bedtime Doll is super cute and cuddly. I must say that I was very impressed by this doll. The doll wears an adorable pink sleep wear and a cute cap with flap ears.
This doll is a perfect bedtime companion for little ones. The doll comes with a pacifier that glows once it’s placed into her mouth. She then closes her eyes and sings 3 soothing lullabies. When you remove the pacifier she wakes up and coos just like a real baby.

Besides, the three lullabies the doll also says interactive phrases. My favorite is “I love you mommy” and “Night, night!”
What’s best is that the doll is light weight and soft for bedtime snuggles. My daughter absolutely loves this doll and takes her to bed every night. The light up feature of the pacifier is actually good as you don’t really need a night light then.

Well, I must also admit that the lullabies the doll songs are so sweet that they put me to sleep at times.

The pacifier comes attached to the doll’s outfit, so no worries of misplacing it. This sweet and chatty doll receives a “Big thumbs-up” from me and my daughter.

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