Cuboro Mysterycube – The Surprising Magic Cube

You may have played with Cuboro wooden marble track sets before, but not this one. Cuboro introduces “Cuboro Mysterycube – The Surprising Magic Cube” set!

Want to know how this Magic cube set surprises you?
The track set needs to be constructed by placing the blocks together. These blocks have tunnels carved through them. They allow marble balls to roll upwards from one level to the next.

How is it possible for the balls to roll upwards?
Built-in Mysterycube actuator, magnet and a rechargeable battery allows the hollow balls to roll upwards. This toyset comprises of:
1 Marble container
1 Battery recharger dock
1 USB cable
1 Base construction element
4 Hollow stainless steel marble balls

It can be used to play with Cuboro Cugolino Marble Trackset System. This game is developed by “Tino Werner.” It is designed for children aged 12 years and above.

What makes Cuboro stand out?
Cuboro uses Swiss FSC-Certified wood to make toys. They stress on making high-quality products. All the products are highly durable. In addition, Curboro can be constructed in different forms. It develops endless fascination for building.

Matthias Etter developed “Cuboro” in 1976. In 1985, he extended the game and introduced 12 basic elements with multiple editions. Over the years, it has launched additional elements. Today, Cuboro has 82 distinct elements. They are all designed for a child’s development. The surprising magic cube helps in building concentration. It develops rational thinking. Parents along with their kids take pleasure in playing with Cuboro. Cuboro can be played across generations – From the grandfather to the grandchild. Cuboro also serves as a teaching material in occupational therapy.

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