Barbie Doll Dress | How To Make Barbie Playdoh Dress

Barbie’s about to go out with her friends for a fun night of dining and shopping. Dress her up in an elegant gown that will amaze her friends with its brilliant gaudiness. If there’s one thing Barbie can do, it’s turn a simple dress into a glamorous gown with just a few accessories that you can make with playdoh.

Have you ever thought of making a dress for your Barbie with Playdough? Isn’t it a great way to combine your Barbie doll play with beautiful colors of play-doh. We at Toy Tasting had a five year old, Anuttara who would teach us how to make a Barbie dress with the help of Playdoh. This is not only a cool way to design your Barbie’s dress but also a very interesting dress up game for girls. Just like any other girl, Anuttara also loves her Barbie and keeps playing Barbie dress up games with her sister.

The best thing about this whole dress up thing is that it is easy to make and the materials can be reused all over again. With the help of Playdough sets, one can enhance pretend play in kids. With a kid’s imagination, play dough can be turned into number of things. Play doh set adds an extra sensory dimension into their play and it is not too messy to tidy up.

In this video, Anuttara has created a beautiful dress for Barbie with her favorite colors: Blue and Yellow. She has designed it creatively with finesse and perfection. She also feels happy about the fact that she can . You can also create your own designs and widen your imagination and creativity. If you have any cool designs for your Barbie, do let us know in the comments below. Have a fun dress up play with Barbie and give us your feedback.

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