Alice Finch Built a 4,00,000 Piece LEGO Hogwarts

Alice Finch constructed the most challenging LEGO masterpiece ever! Believe it or not, it’s the most impressive LEGO structure ever made by a single person. At BrickCon Public Exhibition 2012, Alice Finch revealed (what could just be) the biggest LEGO construction ever. This LEGO construction displays Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But Hogwarts would have taken really long to construct?
Yes, as long as 12 months! LEGO Hogwarts is made of 400,000 bricks. The center staircase itself is 10,000 pieces. Also, each side of the L-shape School is about 13 feet long (almost 4 meters).
Hogwarts is not really a 400,000 piece playset made by LEGO. So where did Alice get all the bricks from?
She called for thousands of bricks from all over the world. Like the green color roof pieces were ordered from Germany. She conducted a lot of research by visiting the Harry Potter studio in London. Pictures of the sets clicked from all angles helped Alice a great deal in finishing this project. She kept watching the Harry Potter movies and reading the books.

So how did Alice go about the project?
Alice Finch started building the Dining Hall. After the hall, she built the big round tower, Quidditch Courtyard, Hospital Wing and the bridge. All of this was ready for BrickCon 2011. After the exhibition, Alice continued by building the Chamber of secrets. With constant support of her kids and husband, Alice completed this Masterpiece. Hats off!

Alice Finch is a mother of 2 sons. She is not planning to dismantle this 400,000 piece LEGO Hogwarts anytime soon. Reason being Alice’s elder son is a huge Harry Potter fan!

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